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Providing our clients with a 'guarantee' of service delivering quality products within a controlled industry environment.

Metrobuild's prequalification for government projects

Metrobuild Constructions Pty Ltd have achieved a Prequalification Contractor status to undertake Queensland Government, Federal funded building and construction projects as a prequalified contractor.

Achievement of PQC certification is subject to a certified and operational quality assurance quality management system in place.

Metrobuild consider the achievement of these qualifications a privilege and apply rigid management and resources to ensure the systems are implemented and adhered to throughout all contractual agreements.

Project Management:

Involves the management of the total process of a development initiating from the establishment and evaluation of the Client’s needs to the progressive implementation of the development program involving a logical progression of activities that integrates professional consultants and trade resources to ensure the completion of the project within the Client’s acceptable time, quality and cost parameter for an agreed price.

Design and Construction:

Involves the establishment and evaluation of the Client’s needs and with a team of selected design consultants complete the design documentation followed by timely completion of the construction phased for an agreed contract price. In most cases, the project can be fast-tracked by overlapping the design phase with the construction phase thus reducing the project completion time.

Construction Management:

Involves management together with contract management and contract administration of traded resources on behalf of the client to complete the construction of the project for an agreed fee.


Involves the completion of the construction of the project in accordance with the design documentation provided by the client for an agreed price.

To offer clients the optimum in service we considered it a responsibility to establish a Quality Management System, that would not only permit Metrobuild to become a Pre-qualified Contractor for Government works and services, but also establish a corporate management system that would set the standards under which our business functions.

Metrobuild's quality management system, compliant with AS/NZS 9001:2000, is a fully documented, sectionalized system functioning in accordance with our detailed quality manual as our standard operating procedures.

The core function of our quality management system is to provide continued customer satisfaction and confidence in our ability to deliver cost effective value for money services, completed in accordance with the client's expectations and project requirements, in a professional and qualified manner.